REACH Merchandising Manager

REACH Merchandising Manager is tailored to ensure your competitiveness in the soft goods manufacturing and merchandising marketplace, where trends are created overnight, fashions change quickly and without warning.

RMM streamlines sampling, merchandising, production and quality processes, integrating customer service with optimal utilization of resources across the enterprise. RMM allows you to automate a large number of routine events without human involvement. Most importantly, the software can prompt you to intervene when exceptional events demand it. In short, your merchandising value chain becomes more efficient, responsive and profitable.

Benefits of REACH Merchandising Manager

REACH Merchandising Manager will, thus, enable you to 'manage your company by exception' directing the vast majority of the company's human attention to the 'out-of-the ordinary' business situations that present the most risk and greatest opportunity.

Impact on Revenues

End-to-End integration of company data ensures all parties have the latest, most accurate information. This leads to cutting down on wastage, shortening time-to-market cycles for new collections and styles while accelerating your ROI (Return on Investment).

Impact on Costs

RMM helps you cut inventory volumes, eliminate production backlogs, and reduce the expense of working with partners, resulting in greater efficiency with dramatically lowered costs.

Impact on Strategy

Rapid analysis of critical business data from all parts of your value chain enables fast and accurate planning of budgets and forecasts.

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